US Dollar Bill (USD)

An open source blockchain based Smart Banknote

US Dollar Bill (USD) is a Bill of Exchange (BILLEX) nominated at a one-for-one rate to the US Dollar. US Dollar Bill (USD) is designed for the exclusive benefit of BILLEX holders, as well as for settlements and transactions between any interested users.

1 US Dollar Bill = 1 US Dollar

Each transaction brings you Income!

You receive BONUS tokens when you send or trade US Dollar Bill (product under development).

US Dollar Bill (USD) smart contract address

US Dollar Bill (USD) is a Stellar token. You can find the smart contract address on the Stellar mainnet at GB2O5PBQJDAFCNM2U2DIMVAEI7ISOYL4UJDTLN42JYYXAENKBWY6OBKZ


You can always repay US Dollar Bill and get US Dollar.

BILLEX Discount Payments promises to repay each US Dollar Bill from any holder for the value of 1 US Dollar.

Payment term: Within 90 days from the date of presentation for payment. Interest on the US Dollar Bills presented for payment is accrued in the amount of 10% per annum in CENTUS tokens.


Frequently Asked Questions

US Dollar Bill is an unconditional monetary obligation, an order to pay it and acceptance of payment obligations cannot be limited by any conditions.

The subject of the US Dollar Bill obligation is money, we support payments to Paypal, Visa/MasterCard and other payment systems supports USD. In some cases, funds can be sent to a bank account.

US Dollar Bill is payable to bearer. 

Payable to bearer means payable to the holder or presenter. When US Dollar Bill is payable to bearer, it means whoever holds US Dollar Bill can receive the payment due on it.

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