Everyone Can Issue USD Now

Issue US Dollar Bill (USD) on your terms, instantly and even with discount

Issue US Dollar Bill (USD) in a few clicks and start earning interest every day.

You can issue US Dollar Bill (USD) at a discount from face value and get income (seigniorage) from USD issue.

How it works and how you benefit from issuing USD, you can see in FAQ’s section below

As collateral XLM, BTC, DAI, BTC Cash, ETH, Litecoin, USD Coin and CENTUS are accepted.

You can issue USD at the face value or at a discount: 10-20-30-40 and 50%.

In the case of issuing USD at a discount, you need to create a multisig address by adding additional signatures to your Stellar wallet.

1. The fee for the issue of US Dollar Bill is 1% of the issue amount.

2. The floating interest rate accrued on the US Dollar Bill is paid daily.

3. There is no maximal time limit set on USD use.

Risk Warning:
The more discount you set, the greater the amount issued, the, correspondingly, higher the income received from seigniorage, but also the higher the risk of loss in case of a potential decrease in the floating interest rate.

Frequently Asked Questions


Issuing USD, you increase your assets by the amount of the discount (seignorage), and all your expenses are only 1% for the issue of the US Dollar Bill.

Seigniorage Profit Growth
Based on US Dollar Bill (USD) Issue

All funds remain under your control, you simply can not withdraw assets from your multisig account until you repay USD.*

If you create USD against Crypto collateral, you will receive daily accruals in USD tokens during the entire period of using USD.

Suppose you own BTC, ETH or other cryptocurrency that you do not want to sell in order to increase the price. If you issue USD, you lose nothing. On the contrary, you receive additional income from owning USD purchased through the issue of USD.

You just get income from daily paying an interest for holding USD. Generally, this interest is a few percent per month.

*Only in the case of issuing USD at a discount, that is, in an amount exceeding the collateral.

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