US Dollar Bill (USD)

An open source, blockchain based Smart Banknote

US Dollar Bill (USD) is a Bill of Exchange (BILLEX) nominated at a rate one-for-one to the US Dollar. US Dollar Bill (USD) is designed for the exclusive benefit of BILLEX holders, as well as for settlements and transactions between any interested users. 

1 US Dollar Bill = 1 US Dollar

Each transaction brings you Income!

You receive BONUS tokens when you send or trade US Dollar Bill (product under development).

US Dollar Bill (USD) smart contract address

US Dollar Bill (USD) is a Stellar token and you can find the smart contract address on the Stellar mainnet at GB2O5PBQJDAFCNM2U2DIMVAEI7ISOYL4UJDTLN42JYYXAENKBWY6OBKZ


You can always repay US Dollar Bill and get US Dollar.

BILLEX Discount Payments promises to repay each US Dollar Bill  from any holder for the value of 1 US Dollar.



Frequently Asked Questions

US Dollar Bill is an unconditional monetary obligation, an order to pay it and acceptance of payment obligations cannot be limited by any conditions.

The subject of the US Dollar Bill obligation can only be money, therefore we support payments to Paypal, Visa/MasterCard and other payment systems supports USD. In some cases, funds can be sent to a bank account.

US Dollar Bill is payable to bearer. 

Payable to bearer means payable to the holder or presenter. When US Dollar Bill is payable to bearer, it means whoever holds US Dollar Bill can receive the payment due on it.

Everyone Can Issue USD Now

Issue US Dollar Bill (USD) on your terms, instantly and even with discount

Earn profit when buying CENTUS for USD

Issue US Dollar Bill (USD) in a few clicks, buy CENTUS Stable Cent and start to earn the Seigniorage Rate determined by the CENTUS community.

You can issue US Dollar Bill (USD) at a discount from face value and get income (seigniorage) from USD issue.

How it works and how you benefit from issuing USD, you can see in FAQ’s section below

As collateral  XLM, BTC, BTC Cash, ETH, Litecoin and USD Coin are accepted.


If you issue USD using CENTUS Stable Cent you get 10% BONUS tokens.

You can issue USD at face value or at a discount: 10-20-30-40 and 50%.

The fee for the issue of US Dollar Bill is 1% of the issue amount. The floating interest rate determined by the BILLEX network members is paid every Tuesday and Friday.

There is no maximal time limit set on USD use.

On multisig accounts, seigniorage is accrued at the usual rate without a bonus of + 10%.


Risk Warning:
 The more discount you set, the greater the amount issued, the, correspondingly, higher the income received from seigniorage, but also the higher the risk of loss in case of a potential drop in the seigniorage rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you create USD against CENTUS collateral, you receive double amount of dividends (seigniorage) during the entire period of using USD.

Suppose you own BTC, ETH or other cryptocurrency that you do not want to sell in order to increase the price. If you issuing USD, you will lose nothing. On the contrary, you will receive additional income from owning CENTUS purchased through the issue of USD. 

You just get profit from seigniorage 2 times a week paying an interest for using USD from these income. Generally, this interest is much lower than CENTUS seigniorage.

When you want to repay all or part of your USD, you simply sell the required amount of CENTUS for USD at any Stellar DEX from your multisig wallet (we always confirm transactions in both directions).

After that you send USD to a special Stellar address specified in the repay form and in your issue request. Once the USD is repaid, you can send all the assets from your multisig account to your regular Stellar address along with the accumulated profit.

In addition, you can withdraw the accumulated profit from your multisig wallet twice a week.


The amount of collateral is equal to the amount of the issue USD. You need a multisig account to issue USD.

1.  Add 3 signatures in your multisig account: one of them should  be your public address and 2 others should be the public addresses indicated below. They are added as co-signers:



2. Create an offer to issue the required amount of USD and then send the amount of collateral to your multisig account.

3. You will receive your issued USD to your regular Stellar address once we check the collateral is received. 

4. Then purchase CENTUS using USD at any Stellar DEX and get double seigniorage (profit) for all the time you use USD.


USD issue amount exceeds collateral (discount):

The second option does not differ from the first, except that the amount of collateral, issued USD and CENTUS purchased on them are stored in your multisig account.


Thanks to the issue of USD, you increase your CENTUS by 2 times and, accordingly, profit from seigniorage increases proportionally minus interest payment for using USD.

All funds remain under your control, you simply can not withdraw assets from your multisig account until you repay USD.

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