Introducing BILLEX

BILLEX is Blockchain-Based Discount Bill of Exchange, replacing old-style paper Bill of Exchange documents. BILLEX can be used for instant transactions settlement between users and getting daily income when used.


No central storage which could be attacked by hackers.


issued instantly and is immediately available to the owner.


A blockchain-based Bill of Exchange will be equivalent to a paper one.

What is BILLEX?

BILLEX is a digital unconditional order binding one party to pay a fixed sum of money to another party on demand at some point in the future. Document includes three parties: Drawee (the party that pays the sum), Payee (receiver of that sum) and Drawer (Owner, the one that obliges the drawee to pay to the Payee). The Drawer and the Payee are the same entity unless the Drawer transfers the bill of exchange to a third-party Payee.

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The First Profitable Stablecoin

BILLEX can be used not only for instant transactions settlement between users but also for getting daily income when you hold it.

Thanks to a discount, each day of holding BILLEX brings you a high income.

You receive income on BILLEX redemption on any day after the date specified in BILLEX. In addition, you can sell BILLEX early at any time – 100% liquidity as result of early repayment at a price that always exceeds the purchase price.

Income is the difference between the purchase price and the amount of repayment of your BILLEX. 

From The Past To The Future​

By using BILLEX, which is a Stellar blockchain-based token, we cut down the time and costs needed for Bill of Exchange transfers. By sending tokens on the blockchain you can easily and securely change the ownership of BILLEX that makes the BILLEX tokens the perfect tool for fast, secure and stable digital payments.

Smart BILLEX is built on top of the blockchain’s capability to transfer digital value in an open and decentralised way. This greatly reduces the time and costs associated with handling paper-based Bill of Exchange documents, saving millions of dollars and reducing the burden on our environment.

More Secure Than Paper Bills

No central storage which could be attacked by hackers. Global Trade’s most important document is encrypted and securely written on the blockchain network, accessible only with traders’ private keys.

The banking industry still uses paper for issuing Bill of Exchange. Blockchain and Smart Contracts are made for this industry.

Legislative Acts Regulating BILLEX

The BILLEX international bill of exchange is regulated by the UK Bills of Exchange Act (1882) and UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Rules. The interests of BILLEX holders are therefore reliably protected by United Kingdom Law and the UN international act, in contrast to the not fully regulated cryptocurrency market.

The repayment of BILLEX is legally secured by the Drawer assets against which BILLEX is issued, as well as by all the Payer (Acceptor) assets.


BILLEX is issued instantly and immediately available to the owner. When agreed conditions are met, BILLEX is transferred between users — instantly, without couriers in the middle. Just like sending an e-mail.


A blockchain-based BILLEX will be equivalent to a paper one. Having it on the blockchain just takes the pain away. No need to print, send, store and archive it in a conventional way anymore.

BILLEX is Sharia Compliant Asset

BILLEX is designed on Stellar, the First Sharia-Certified Protocol for Payments And Asset Tokenization.

Stellar, an open-source platform for distributed payments, is the first distributed ledger protocol to obtain Sharia compliance certification in the money transfer and asset tokenization field.

The Shariyah Review Bureau, a leading international Sharia advisory agency licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, has examined the capabilities and applications of Stellar and released guidance that allows for the deployment of Stellar technology in Islamic financial institutions.

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