Introducing BILLEX

BILLEX is a blockchain-based Discount Bill of Exchange, designed to replace traditional paper Bill of Exchange documents. It enables instant transaction settlements between users and offers the opportunity to earn daily income when utilized.


No central storage which could be attacked by hackers.


issued instantly and is immediately available to the owner.


A blockchain-based Bill of Exchange will be equivalent to a paper one.

What is BILLEX?

BILLEX is a digital, unconditional order that binds one party (the Drawee) to pay a fixed sum of money to another (the Payee) on demand in the future. It involves three parties: the Drawee, who pays the sum; the Payee, who receives it; and the Drawer (Owner), who obligates the Drawee to pay the Payee. The Drawer and the Payee are typically the same entity, unless the Drawer transfers the bill of exchange to a third-party Payee.

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The First Profitable Stablecoin

BILLEX offers more than just instant transaction settlements between users; it also provides the opportunity for daily income when held.

Thanks to its discount structure, each day of holding BILLEX yields a significant return. Income is generated upon redemption of BILLEX on any day after the specified date, and you also have the option to sell BILLEX early at any time, ensuring 100% liquidity.

This early sale always occurs at a price higher than the purchase price, with income being the difference between the purchase price and the repayment amount of your BILLEX.”

From The Past To The Future​

Utilizing BILLEX, a token based on the Stellar blockchain, significantly reduces the time and costs associated with Bill of Exchange transfers.

The blockchain’s capability to securely and efficiently change the ownership of BILLEX tokens makes them an ideal tool for fast, secure, and stable digital payments.

Smart BILLEX leverages the blockchain’s ability to transfer digital value in an open and decentralized manner. This advancement not only saves millions of dollars by eliminating the need for paper-based Bill of Exchange documents but also reduces environmental impact.

More Secure Than Paper Bills

With no central storage vulnerable to hackers, global trade’s most crucial document, the Bill of Exchange, is securely encrypted and recorded on the blockchain network, accessible only with traders’ private keys.

While the banking industry predominantly relies on paper for issuing Bills of Exchange, blockchain and smart contracts are perfectly suited for modernizing this industry.

Legislative Acts Regulating BILLEX

The international BILLEX bill of exchange operates under the regulatory framework of the UK Bills of Exchange Act (1882) and the Rules of the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Rules.

This ensures that the interests of BILLEX holders are robustly protected by both UK law and an international act, offering a stark contrast to the less regulated cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, the repayment of BILLEX is legally guaranteed by the assets of the Drawer against which BILLEX is issued, as well as by the assets of the Payer (Acceptor).


BILLEX is issued instantly and becomes immediately available to the owner. When predefined conditions are met, BILLEX can be transferred between users instantly, mirroring the simplicity and speed of sending an email, and eliminating the need for intermediaries such as couriers.


A BILLEX on the blockchain is fully equivalent to its paper counterpart in terms of legality and function. However, its presence on the blockchain eliminates the cumbersome processes associated with paper documents. There’s no longer a need for printing, physically sending, storing, or archiving it conventionally, streamlining the entire process.

BILLEX is Sharia Compliant Asset

BILLEX is built on Stellar, recognized as the first Sharia-Certified protocol for payments and asset tokenization.

Stellar is an open-source platform for distributed payments and has earned the distinction of being the first distributed ledger protocol to receive Sharia compliance certification in the fields of money transfer and asset tokenization.

The certification was granted by the Shariyah Review Bureau, a prominent international Sharia advisory agency licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

They have thoroughly examined Stellar’s capabilities and applications, issuing guidance that permits the use of Stellar technology in Islamic financial institutions.

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